Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bucket of Truth

This could be you! Or me. Not to be selfish but I kind of hope it is me. But don't worry I will totally share! Pinky swear.

Don't forget to go to Madsen Cycles to register to win one of these bad boys. They are giving away a couple of them on July 15th. Not into bucket bikes? Are you sure? They do have little seats that you can put in for your kiddos...or your puggles...or your flour sacks...

Okay, okay you're not into buckets. How about a nice big rack? Don't go all gutter-brain on me - this kind of rack. Cheeky perverted monkey.

Think of all the stuff you could transport on your rack. All sorts of things! You can be just as happy as the lady with a bucket full of children. Think on that.

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