Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So you want to be friends, or what?

Couples Courtship 101

It became clear to the the BF and I that as we get older and enter into a relationship that the people that you surround yourself with change. Now this isn't always the case. Your lifelong friends will always be your lifelong friends. But, you will find yourself searching out other couples to be friends with and that is where this interesting social study begins.

There are steps to couples friendships and they go something like this:

A) You or your significant other meet someone at work, gym, social event, etc. and make friends. You then introduce your significant others and hope everyone gets along.
B) You and your significant other meet another couple at a social event and think they are cool. You just met so you don't ask for their numbers/email addresses yet; it's too soon and you don't want to scare them off. New couples are skitish and wary of others. A few more social events must take place to build a rapport. Then you get the digits - usually the women will exchange first.

I'm telling you, it is like MTV's Singled Out, the Bachelor and the call of the wild all rolled into one. If it is a really cool couple you have to figure out if you are in fact cool enough to be friends. But that's not all, once you exchange the digits there is a small window of opportunity to act. An official double date has to be scheduled before the trail runs cold, otherwise you risk them forgetting you entirely.

Am I freaking anyone out here? Are my two readers that are members of our couples friends going to dump us? You know I speak the truth! It can be very awkward making friends as an adult and even more so when you are a couple when you're thought of as a "package deal."

That is why it is so important to pick a good partner, or else you risk never having any friends...bloop bloop.

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Hannah said...

I've never thought of that before... but that makes total sense... I'm gonna have to make sure I end up with someone cooler than me ( if that's even possible) so that I have friends...

btdub... I'm working too :-)