Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Good grief it has been a while! I took a short two week hiatus from work in between leaving the RNC and moving over to the US Agency for International Development. In those two weeks I accomplished some things while also doing nothing at all. Saw a few museums, caught up with friends, caught up on laundry, and walked many miles around the city.
You notice strange things when you don't have to be inside an office for 12 hours a day. For instance: I saw the same Italian gold VW every single day all over the city, there are always people lounging around the coffee shops (no jobs? or are they all students and free lance photographers/writers?), and it feels much better to go to work than not (surprise!).

New Job: Outreach Coordinator
I love my new job. It is wonderful to be in a place that soley exists to make the world a better place. This position has opened my eyes to more suffering, violence, and compassion than I could have ever imagined. Wherever there is heart-break and need, there is twice as much love and generosity waiting to be distributed. My prayers go out to all of those in Zimbabwe, Sudan, Haiti...on and on. But it is a blessing to see that there are so many in the world who dedicate their time, gifts, and money to help. Suffice to say, I love my new job. Plus I get to serve the President and his FBCI Initiative.

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Jason said...

Maybe you are being followed by the VW goldbug. Have you obtained any enemies working for the gov't? Be on your toes, lady. I'm proud of you.