Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Sweet Crib

As I told you in my last post, I'm in love with our baby's new crib. If I were a shorter, much shorter, woman I would sleep in it. Or at least hang out in it and pretend that I was in jail. The Hubs and I put it together a couple of weekends ago and were thrilled with how easy it was to assemble and how rad it looked.

The crib that we originally liked, Oeuf's Eco-Friendly Sparrow Crib, was far too expensive to be conceivable so we looked around for alternatives online. With a savings of over $500 the Baby Mod Modena Crib was a perfect swap for us, even though my folks sweetly gifted it to us.

We were so blown away with how easy the crib was to assemble that we had to share our experience with you. Our only basis for comparison is what we have seen on sitcoms and in movies. We took photos of each step in an attempt to have photographic evidence when things got hilarious, alas things went smoothly.

Hubs thought there was a strong chance for giggle inducing shenanigans but I think he was just trying to get a boob shot.

Ta Da! You might have seen it already but I'm going to pretend that it is the first time for all of us. Check out this glorious crib!

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