Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Fix

Allow me to give a virtual "shout out" to my curly-haired sisters out on the interwebs. It can be tough this time of year to be of the unruly haired variety, but fear not for there are follicle saviors out there. I was tickled to find out that my two must-have products are now available at none other than Ulta.

I'm usually a big Sephora girl myself (literally getting bigger by the day) but alas, there is not one within any traverse-able distance of Midland, TX. Before you get on to me about the joys of free shipping with purchases of $50+, I'm aware and enjoy it. However, sometimes I don't need $50 worth of merchandise and I want to play with it/test it out first-hand. Lucky for me there is an Ulta in Midland, USA.

Ulta went up a few notches in my book this week when I received an email that they will now carry the Living Proof product line as well as the Croc brand of straighteners. These are my without fail hair straightening products.



Living Proof's Straight Styling Treatment comes in a selection of versions based on hair thickness. I use the No Frizz Straight Styling Treatment for Thick/Course Hair and it is fabulous. This product blocks out humidity, allows me to get straight results with just the blow dryer and leaves hair feeling smooth and healthy. They also make a line for those seeking volume and for wearing hair curly. I have not tried their curl enhancing products yet but am looking forward to experimenting with them soon.

The Croc straightener was introduced to me four years ago by my hair stylist in Dallas. At that time you could only order them at a salon and they were EXPENSIVE. Since then it has been consistently on the "Top Straight Maker" lists and could be found online to the general public. But how exciting to now be able to get one at Ulta (where you can also use a coupon on occasion!). This straightener heats up very quickly, can be adjusted by each degree up to 450 degrees and the infrared action leaves hair super straight and shiny. What could be better? Plus, I have the pink one.

Don't fear the humidity! Or in the case of Midland, the blinding heat. High tomorrow is 112 degrees. Think I will try saving energy and cook using only the heat of the sidewalk.

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