Friday, June 17, 2011

Little House, Big Love

With a little girl on the way (we're at six months, kids!) one can't help but think about little girl toys, clothes, activities, accessories, etc. One thing that I was into as a child were Barbies and doll houses. You can see me here with the Barbie that my sweet mama-in-law gave me at Christmas because she thought it resembled me. I only wish that my legs were that long in proportion to my torso.

Sis-n-law got one too.

I was not the kind of little girl that was obsessed with dolls by any means. In all actuality they scared the bejeezus out of me after dark. My mom would have to hide them from me after play time so that I wouldn't know where they would be coming from to attack after they came to life. Stupid Chucky ruined them for me in that way. But I vow not to be the kind of mom that passes on her fears to her child and thanks to the stupendous modern doll houses that I saw on Houzz today it should not be problem.

Hape Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse contemporary kids toys

Bennett House  kids toys

Ocean Drive Dollhouse  kids toys

Emerson Modern Dollhouse modern kids toys

Sirch – Sibis Villa Doll house - Smallable modern kids toys

These architectural gems would make Frank Lloyd Wright and I.M. Pei proud. These could definitely live in my house without any terror-filled dreams from me. They even added a few mini, mid-century modern furniture pieces. The Eames La Chaise was by far my favorite.
At $9,500 for an original full-size, the miniature version might be my only hope at owning a La Chaise myself.
Miniature La Chaise modern accessories and decor
modern accessories and decor design by

What was your favorite toy as a kid? Did you have a doll house?


Cathy Seely said...

Alas, I had no doll house, but I did have a wonderful ballerina doll with pink hair. She was a Christmas gift from my grandma, who also made me lots of beautiful clothes for my doll.

Grace Family said...

I had lots of favorite toys, but if we are discussing creepy ones, how about all those trolls we used to collect. seriously, they were creepy!

Lauren said...

Ballerina dolls with pink hair sound awesome! Troll dolls were a grave mistake. I have no idea why we thought they were so great that they were worth collecting!