Friday, April 8, 2011

Be Orignial

Happy Friday, loves! Do you have art in your house? What hangs on your walls? Kids art work, prints, family photos, watercolors/oils...anything?

I have always had a hard time understanding why people hang generic prints or posters of famous works of art. Now I can understand loving Van Gogh and Picasso but why not support a local artist and put something original on your wall? Actual paint and canvas. Now I'm not saying this just because I was an Art History major in college, but why not have a one-of-a-kind piece of art and support an artist while you're at it? Haven't you heard, artists are starving.

Here are my favorite spots for inexpensive original works: student art shows, whether that be college, high school or elementary school level, student shows are a great place to find cool pieces that are usually very inexpensive. Slap a fabulous frame on it and you're your very own Louvre!

The other place that I have found that I think is so cool and a great idea in general is a website that I stumbled across recently called 20x200. There you can browse photography, graphic art and paintings and they all start at just $20 for an 8"x8". It's a Jen Beckman project and her mission for this site is that everyone needs art and she found a way to make art accessible to the masses via the internets. Check out the 20x200 story you will be inspired. Plus, right now when you spend $50+ you get $10 off, just enter code "Lucky10" at checkout.
So what's on your walls? What's holding you back? If you still love your classic artists I recommend getting a coffee table-style book on that artist and then you can have a collection of their works at your fingertips. It will also impress your friends by having a chic book on your table. Now go find an art show this weekend and give an artist a commission to buy some more Ramen Noodles.

I've thrown in a few of my favs from 20x200, they are available for purchase!

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