Monday, April 11, 2011

Dress the Bump

Remember the days when the pregnant lady uniform consisted of overalls and moo-moos with giant bows on them? Sadly, they were not that long ago. Lucky for us that are pregnant or will be pregnant in the coming years the fashion has drastically improved.

Here are some of my favorite knocked up couture.

( Maternitee Dress in Nautical Stripe by More of Me)

(Wrap Around Top by Isabella Oliver)

(Ruched Tank Dress by Isabella Oliver) I love this one! This is the kind of dress you wear when you want to pretend that you're as attractive as Sophia Vergara.

(Maternity Ruffled Halter Dress by Olian)

(Convertible Dress by Maternal America) This one is awesome and can be worn three or four different ways. I have a feeling that if I purchased this dress that I would not be able to figure out how to fashion it into any of these cute appropriate options. I would end up wrapping it around me like a toga and staple the edges.

(Citizens for Humanity "Kelly" Maternity Jeans in New Pacific Rinse)

(Michael Stars Maternity Ruched Top)

(Ella Moss Tunic for Pea in the Pod)

(Sleeveless Blouse by Rosie Pope)

(Striped Suit by Pea in the Pod) Love this swim suit. This shocks me, seeing as it is a one piece, but how cute is this?

(Teething Pendant by Smart Mom) This thing is genius. It is a non-toxic rubber pendant made to look like Jade that you wear like a necklace but that is at the ready for your baby to gum! Genius.

Most of these choices are a little pricey so I like to mix in basics from Target. You do what you have to do to not feel like a whale. In the end you have to feel beautiful because you are growing an entire human.

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