Thursday, April 7, 2011

This Chair is being Droll

Not really, they're nice chairs actually. Free in fact - my favorite kind ofchair. These two chairs were passed down to us by our sweet D.C. neighbors, Sara and Trenor. We used them as-is for a year before I got bored one day and decided to give them a little butt-lift, they are chairs after all.

All it took was a little sanding, priming, painting and stapling. Easy peasy.

I scored the Dwell fabric from JoAnn's and fell in love with the pattern. All in all it cost $10 for a quart of Valspar paint and another $8 for the fabric (I had a coupon).

Cheap makeover and I had plenty of paint and fabric left over for other projects.

1 comment:

Sara Williams said...

I forgot we even HAD those chairs! You made them spectacular.