Thursday, April 1, 2010

Take a Seat

Sitting on the porch overlooking the water my mind wandered to sofas this morning. What? You don't think about sofas? I bet my friends over at Young House Love and UrbanGrace know what I'm talking about. Furniture is art and I love and appreciate it as so.

Here are some of my favorite obsessions as of late:
These two lovelies are from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. BF and I stalked Liam for years before finally moving away from the neighborhood where the store was located. Sorry for the picture quality, it doesn't give the plush navy velvet with nail head trim justice. It was even more comfortable than it looks. I could die a happy woman on this couch.
The next two beauties are the same Tailor Sofa from Crate&Barrel. The new furniture designs that they came out with after the new year are really fabulous. I can't decide which upholstery I enjoy more the classic white linen that really shows of the lines and nail head or the masculine stripe. I love pieces that look like a man's suit.This piece is amazing. I have no idea where I found it originally, it has been sitting in my furniture file for so long that its origin escapes me. But look how pretty! Loving the masculine, distressed leather paired with the feminine white washed framing.

While in the Caribbean I have been pondering what I want to be when I grow up. Based on the place that my mind wanders to every spare moment of the day it should be obvious. I was born to sit on sofas.

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