Friday, April 2, 2010

Too Sexy Swimwear??

This new life of wearing a swimsuit every day definitely gets a girl jonesing for a new under water ensemble. I'm a big fan of little laceys - everything from underoos to p.j.s, but what about swimwear?

Agent Provocateur has just launched a new line of swimsuits. Enter at your own risk because they are racy to the max. Would you wear something like this to the beach?

Yes...these are all intended to be swimwear. Maybe just stick to your own backyard for the corset inspired one, m'kay. With a nearly $800 price tag I suppose you would want someone else to see it besides your Golden Retriever.

Now this one is cool. These little numbers are called Amylee and Candy and I would definitely wear either of them to the pool, if they weren't $280 (!!!) EACH. For real?

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