Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Queen is Only as Powerful as Her Throne

That is to say that we needed a new toilet (or two) in our fabulous first house.  We are pretty sure that the commodes were original to the home born in 1961.  That is one old poo pot.  They were very small, short and used three gallons of water to unsuccessfully flush the toilet.  It's a win-win, right?  Hardly.

                              Master "Before"                        Hall Bath "Before"                              

While Mom and Pop were in town for the baby shower we decided that it would be the perfect time to install the first new toilet.  We started in the hall/guest bathroom.  "Why not begin by replacing the master toilet?" you might ask.  The thought was that with Baby A coming in a few weeks that guests will soon be checking into the Dorffarosa it would be nice if they had use of luxurious new toilet.  

The family took a field trip to Lowe's to find us a new (and much improved) bathroom seat.  We wanted to make sure that we didn't get a bottom-of-the-barrel toilet but there was no need to spend $600 on one either.  We ended up bringing home an American Standard model that features amenities such as:

- Chair height
- Elongated seat
- Water-saving technology (only uses 1.3 gallons of water!)
- EverClean seat and bowl

I might be more excited about this new tinkler than I would be about a new Mercedes.  It is sad but true.  Above is the original "before" from February and here is the more recent "before" from June.

Drum roll, please...Here is the new and much improved bathroom and toilet!  (Insert symbols crashing)  In addition to the new throne you might also notice the new runner.  Thank you, Ikea!

One last time, Before and After!

What have you been waiting to replace in your home?  Would a new kitchen faucet send you into a pleasure frenzy?  Or maybe new windows would blow your skirt up?  Please share what home project you have anxiously awaiting to complete.  Come on, you're among friends. 


Grace Family said...

Tile floor in the kitchen and baths is our bigger project... but as for something on the smaller scale, I would like a new kitchen sink with new faucet... would seriously make me smile from ear to ear right now! :-) I love the bathroom! Way to go!

Lauren said...

New floors are so impactful to the aesthetic of a space! Starting with the kitchen sink/faucet sounds like a great way to make a change that you will notice multiple times a day. We put off changing our very broken kitchen faucet for five months and once we did it I was one happy girl! Send pics of before/after when you do it!