Thursday, September 8, 2011

Behind Closed Doors

Up until last weekend Baby A's nursery closet did not have doors.  This was not a big problem because she has a well-organized and designed closet, however, I wanted it to have doors none-the-less.  What turned this easy breezy project into a two-day undertaking were our less than standard dimensions.  The design that I came up with for her closet required bi-fold doors.  They do come in multiple sizes but none that matched our exact measurements.  

Closet Sans-Doors
So how did we fix it?  By we, I of course mean Pop and Hubs tore out the existing trim and door frame in order to use the stock doors from Lowe's.  This was awesome because it saved us major $$ by not having to special order the doors.  Huzzah!  The only downer to a project like this is that the nursery turned into a disaster zone during construction.  To protect all of Baby A's teeny tiny cute clothes we had to clear them out of the line of destruction.  Creating the fabulous mess seen below.  Being 8.5 months pregnant at the time made me very nervous to have such chaos in the nursery.

 After the tear-out the boys placed in the new frame and shimmed around it.  Once they mounted the door tracks they finished off their portion of the project and tacked up new trim.

New frame and door track
Freshly tacked and filled trim
Lauren sanding over filled holes and joints

Next came my job - sanding and painting!  The trim and doors were pre-primed (which is rawesome) so all little L has to do is pull out her trusty paint brush and bang it out.  Brush it out?  Whatever, you know what I mean. 

Supplies - most important for this project was the cabinet/door roller

Roll, roll, roll your boat gently down the stream...

There you have it - new doors at last.  Now we only have to go through this process two more times on the master bedroom closets.  Bring it on bi-folds!
What kind of doors do you have on your closet?


Grace Family said...

Two of the bedrooms and one of our master closets has the sliding kind of doors... where you can only open one half of the closet at a time. Would have been a lot easier for you to install, but seeing how your closet system has drawers in the middle, I can see how that wouldn't be a fit for you. Our other three closets are walk-ins and I love them dearly, of course!!! :-)

Lauren said...

Don't you just love a good walk-in? Wish we had some of those in our house. All the closets had sliding doors when we moved in but you hit the nail on the head - I designed all the closets with the idea that we would change out the sliders to bi-folds in order to give us more useable space in the middle of the closets. Our master closets are both standard sizes and will not require the demo that went into the nursery. Phew!