Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Italy is for Lovers

You would have a hard time trying to find a couple more charismatic or cuter than Kate and John. They were recently married in Dallas and honeymooned (is that even a word??) in Italy. More specifically they did a tour of Tuscany, including Florence. Kate took some of the most beautiful photos. I couldn't help but share. After being that region of Italy this past spring during the rainy season it was wonderful to see what it looked like during the sunny months.

During Kate's bridal luncheon her aunt gave her a lock to put on this very fence. It has something to do with eternal love, I think. Kate...you'll have to fill us in.
Very photogenic couple. Very photogenic country.
She should model. Loving the dress, earrings, necklace, scenery...the whole package!
I don't know where either of these places are but wouldn't you love to go there?
This should go on a Tour of Italy brochure. These might be my favorites.
Even the puppies are more relaxed in Italy. Ciao!
Photos courtesy of the newlyweds.

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