Thursday, July 7, 2011

In Living Color

You can do what you want to do. In living color. Anyone else miss the SNL Fox-produced step-child that was In Living Color? I so wanted to be a Fly Girl like J.Lo. Alas, that ship has sailed and so has the show. Let us all reminisce for a moment...

"Girl that nothin' I'm about two months over due. I just cross my legs and hold it in, cause I want me a Capricorn." - Don't we all.
What I'm really getting at is my formal living room and all of its color. Not quite as hilarious but feel free to watch the clip again. This past weekend I finally purchased the light fixture that will replace the randomly placed chandelier that Hubs always whacks his beautiful head on. We have yet to install it but it is on the list of things to dominate this weekend.

Do you ever sit in your formal living room or is it for looks only? Or is it in "just in case the President ever comes over" status?

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