Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's a...Cupcake

Happy Tuesday, kids! How are we all doing this fine day? Sorry for the few days absence but BF and I took a trip to Dallas. More on that later. In a previous post I shared our progressive kitchen redo and promised to share how I painted the cabinets but my camera is holding my pictures hostage. As soon as I pay the ransom I will share. Promise.

At least I can share what we did this weekend! First stop was surprising the family with the sex of our new little one. I made cupcakes and hid them under a cake carrier until it was time for the big reveal.


My sweet mama picked up these super pink cupcake kits from World Market. Who knew there were cotton candy flavored cupcake mixes out there?

The kit included cake mix, frosting mix, sprinkles and cupcake sleeves.

Love that I'm wearing the same shirt that I took my bump pic in. Can you tell I was working with a limited maternity wardrobe at this point? Don't worry I have many more options now.

Icing the cupcakes was made super easy thanks to mom's angled frosting spatula. Just plop frosting in the center of the cupcake and then, holding the spatula at an angle spread the frosting from center to edge while turning the cupcake clockwise. You can turn it counter-clockwise, I won't tell Martha.

Here is my bestie KatieK after we told everyone that we are having a girl. She's so cute.

Silly me did not take a picture of the cupcakes all finished and cute. Oh well, use your imaginations.

The other major thing we did this past weekend was shopped for nursery fabric. I have so much to share about picking color palettes so we will give the nursery fabric/ color scheme debacle that the subject definitely needs its own post.

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