Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Got the Blues...

No, I'm not depressed. On the contrary in fact, I'm extra happy. Played a rousing couple games of tennis this morning, followed by one-on-one help from my coach and then hit the fresh fruit/veggie market. But the whipped cream on this pie sits below.

A Life's Design posted this picture today and I fell in love. I'm a sucker for a navy sofa. Anything with piping can crawl right into bed with me. The sweet patterned ottoman is perfection. I'm pretty sure that I inherited my love for navy from my mama. There is just something classic and chic about navy. A Life's Design's photo gave me the urge to pull out some of my favorite navy living rooms.

Forgive me but I can't remember where these three other photos originated from. What color makes you happy?

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bdorff said...

Great designs! I like navy, too, but any blue will do...and most greens. Lately, I love black with touches of beige and red.
Are you lonesome, or just maybe tired from all the fun?