Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walk the walk, while talking

My friend and I are determined to get back into shape with the goal of completing one strenuous physical activity per day. Most days we play golf (walking and carrying our own clubs), play two hours worth of hard-core tennis, or find something else active to do like swimming laps. Monday we decided to walk. Look how sunny my disposition was before we got rained on. Captain Lulu Walks Alot.

Here is Shannon walking. Notice the incline. We were walking up a road popular in Port of Spain for cycling, running and walking. At 2.2 steep miles to the top, Lady Chancellor Road is the perfect start to getting in shape. Or so we thought.

The start of our walk began at Queen's Park Savannah, the "Central Park" of Trinidad. That large grassy area in the picture below is the park. Yeah, that's where we started. Others like to stay in the park and play cricket and football (soccer) while we crazy ladies haul our cookies up some steep road using only our feet. Suckers.

And then we went even higher. Lady Chancellor Road dead ends at an area called, Lookout Point. More like make out point, right guys? Well, the only people up there Monday were a bunch of old ladies stretching there gloits and dloits. How romantic.

Below you see me trying to scare incoming rain clouds away with my huge guns. At least my dad tells me they're big. He even asks others to feel them while I flex. Jealous much?

Apparently the clouds were not impressed by my bulging biceps and soaked us anyway.

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