Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Double Down

Living in Trinidad, West Indies one of the first things that you discover is that this country loves chicken. But more specifically, Trinidad and Tobago love KFC. That's right, the Colonel is in full effect in this southern most Caribbean nation. There is one on nearly every corner and in downtown Port of Spain the highest grossing KFC in the world mightily sits on a crowded street.

You can imagine every one's excitement when just yesterday Kentucky Fried Chicken unveiled their new "Double Down." What could be better than a chicken sandwich, sans bread? Why didn't we think of this before now? This is, after all, the 21st Century is it not?

Watch the T.V. commercial here.

But why stop there? Why shouldn't we have hamburgers made up of a patty, lettuce, pickles, what-have-you, sandwiched between two more patties? The gluten-sensitive community will sing our praises. Finally a sandwich for those tummies who can't process evil breads.

BF made the fine suggestion of a literal "grilled" cheese. One piece of cheese with the branded cross-hatching pattern normally reserved for slabs of meat or even bread. I also like the idea of a chicken fried steak sandwich. Two all-beef chicken fried patties sandwiching some thick cream gravy in the middle. Or the Meatloaf sandwich. Meat can be a loaf just as much as bread can.

Woman's Day posted an article called, "8 Sandwiches with No-Bread Buns" guess I'm not the first one to think of other sandwich options. Check it out though, some of them are pretty hilarious and awful looking.

I'm mailing this idea to the U.S. Patent Office, post haste! Who wants in? I could use some start up money for my all meat, no bread sandwich venture. We can call them "Sansi-Bread Wiches."


Julia said...

haha....saw this commercial last night and thought of you...and BF. Hope life is treating you good on that island.

Cousin Julia

Sara Williams said...

One of Trenor's friends in LA is in that commercial!!! He's the "Colonel, you da man" guy. Love it.