Saturday, August 1, 2009

Well-Traveled Table

Once upon a time there was a Scandinavian coffee table. It lived with a very nice couple for years before being adopted by my parents in the late '80s.

After years at home it was finally time for little Scandy to go to college. Once there he lived a pretty wild life: lived in a frat house, had many relationships with beverages - without the safety of a coaster and eventually graduated.

Alas, he found the perfect girl for him and went back to school. As most girls do, she tried to change him. After living a few hard years he was covered in rings and scuffs. Bad shape. So she lovingly buffed, painted, primed and styled him until he became the lovely piece that you see today.

Notice the vintage trunk labels. Before it lived in BF's house it had vintage post cards from the French Riviera under the glass. Tres chic.

The entire table used to be the same color as the legs but not nearly in as good of shape. The top was painted black and a piece of glass was purchased at Pier 1. The stamps were picked up at a great museum shop here in D.C. If you haven't been to the Decatur House Museum and its fantastic museum shop, you are missing out.

I wish that I had some before photos but I don't. Have any of you refinished old pieces of furniture? If so, please send photos!

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Jason said...

I loved that table.