Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mid-City Love

On the eleventh or twelfth day the Lord created Mid City Cafe and it was good. BF and I stumbled upon ( thank you, Daily Candy) this new sweet spot in Logan Circle this morning. Right now. Shh...don't spook him.

Mid City Cafe just opened it's doors for the first time this morning. Sit and stay a while at the retro looking counters that line the second story windows and watch the 14th Street traffic whiz by.

Ever since I returned from my tour of Italy in February I have been on the hunt for a true authentic tasting cappacino. Let me tell you that you can find one here at Mid City. Just look at the majestic beauty of the foam.

That is the work of a master barista, kids. The kind that doesn't wear a green hat and black apron while judging you for ordering a "small" instead of a "tall."

Hope ya'll are starting your Saturday with a delicious drink. Shoot, throw in a piece of coffee cake too. You deserve it for reading this blog.

Do share, what and where is your favorite Saturday morning- or early afternoon in our case- cafe?

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