Friday, July 17, 2009

Secret Garter

The whole notion of having one's husband stick his head up your skirt in front of your entire family and every friend since childhood just to remove your garter with his teeth has never been appealing to me. But that is just my personal opinion and preference. If you and your husband/wife did this at your wedding, more power to you it is just not for this little pony.

That isn't to say that I don't want a garter though. Oh, there will be a garter and it will be precious. My adorable Aunt J took me to Italy in February. We explored Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. Rome was A-mazing, Florence was home to the David and the Ferragamo museum, and Milan had the Duomo but Venice had the lace.

Aunt J is the most talented seamstress that I know. And she is adorable to boot. So when we were going to the place where lace was invented we had to buy some especially for my garter. How sweet is that may I ask? Super sweet.

We measured my thigh (which I secretly hope will be a couple inches smaller by the wedding), bought the lace and the ribbon and I drafted up a design with the counsel of my personal designer/seamstress. I can't wait to show you guys. For now you can enjoy pictures of our trip to Venice and more specifically Burano Island - the home of lace.

Will show you a bit more of Italy another time. Have a great weekend!

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