Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Cobbler

Not the kind you eat, silly. The dance...

Allow me to pump the breaks to give you the back story of the now infamous dance.

This past weekend our good friends Blayne and Amanda got married. It was a gorgeous ceremony and a hum-dinger of a reception. We had such a blast! And we made new friends which is even better! But what would any reception be without dancing? The band or DJ can make or break a wedding. This wedding was perfect even before the band hit the first note but once they did...have mercy did we dance.

It never occurred to me that not everyone makes up their own dances and then has the pleasure of performing them at weddings. Let me tell you, apparently it is weird but appreciated none the less. Our new friends were tickled pink by "The Cobbler" and joined in immediately with their own interpretations. Good friends, do that sort of thing even if they are new friends. New good friends - good new friends, whatever.

What is The Cobbler? The Cobbler, dear readers, is a phenomenon that the BF gets to experience on a regular basis. Its origins go back to our dear high school friend. He is more than a friend to us, he's family. Well this friend has a little dance that he does or maybe he only did it once and it just stuck in my head...who's to say? Now whenever I think of this friend the dance comes to mind. I call it, "The Cobbler."

The Cobbler is a mixture of a hoedown and a motion similar to defending oneself from a swarm of bees. All of this gyration takes place with a most contented smile plastered across the face. Like the one dogs wear when having their bellies rubbed. There might also be a thumbs up motion, not sure.

The next time you attend a wedding don't arrive empty handed. Keep some stellar moves up your sleeves as a gift to the bride and groom. In my case, I ran into the bride and groom the very next day and they made me do it for them again in the middle of the street. Not to mention that their parents made me do it yet again later that evening while we helped the newly weds pack for their honeymoon.

Cobble on, dear ones! Cobble on.

Images Courtesy of http://goldenpinapplebandb.com and http://plaidout.wordpress.com


Sara Williams said...

Thoroughly enjoyed "The Cobbler"...and the rest of the fun! We have some great pics to share, too.

Jason said...

Finally witnessed the Cobbler. Much impressed. Need video evidence for you blog.